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The PDH Archive has been developed to assist Branch members in the collection of Professional Development Hours - specifically, luncheons, seminars, and conferences sponsored by the Acadiana Branch which satisfy continuing education requirements. Please contact one of our Board members if you have questions regarding a topic not listed here.

In accordance with the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board guidelines, the Acadiana Branch will retain all sign-in sheets for a period of 5 years for those Branch-sponsored events which may qualify for continuing education credit. The sign-in sheets are available upon request.

Please note, the units listed are PDHs (0.1 CEU = 1 PDH).

DISCLAIMER: Record keeping is the responsibility of the individual engineer. The information provided on this page is intended as an aid only.

PDH | 2016
Topic Speaker Total Possible PDHs Date
Presentation on Automated & Connected Vehicles - Issues, Challenges & Opportunities
(Sign In Sheet)
Dr. Vijaya (VJ) Gopu 1 March 23, 2016
Presentation on Under-Standing and Dealing with Sea-Level Rise
(Sign In Sheet)
Dr. Thomas W. Doyle 1 February 17, 2016

PDH | 2015
Topic Speaker Total Possible PDHs Date
Presentation on I-49 Connector
(Sign In Sheet)
Mr. Stephen Wallace, P.E. 1 November 10, 2015
Presentation on Lafayette Regional Airport Master Plan (Sign In Sheet) Mr. Daniel Elsea, P.E. 1 November 10, 2015
Presentation on Unified Development Code (UDC) for Lafayette City/Parish (Sign In Sheet) Miss. Jessica Cornay, P.E. 1 October 14, 2015
Presentation on Ethics (Sign In Sheet) Mr. Sonny Launey, P.E. 1 May 12, 2015
Presentation on Advances in Geotechnical Instrumentation and Testing (Sign In Sheet) Mr. Travis Richard, P.E. 1 May 12, 2015

PDH | 2014 Spring Conference
Topic Speaker Total Possible PDHs Date
Diversion Modeling for the Mississippi River (Sign in Sheet) Dr. Ehab Meselhe, Ph.D., P.E. 1 November 12, 2014
Concrete Waterproofing by Crystalization (Sign in Sheet) 1 October 15, 2014
2014 Spring Conference Documentation Revision. (Documentation) N/A April 24/25, 2014
3D Laser Scanning (Sign In Sheet) Jonathan M. Coco 1 April 24/25, 2014
An Alternative Shoreline Protection Design with Applicability in Weak Soils (Sign In Sheet) Mitch Andrus, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
Celebrating 100 Years of Geotechnical Engineering in Louisiana (Sign In Sheet) Dr. Maylay Ghose Hajra 1 April 24/25, 2014
Converting Waste Into Value-Added Products (Sign In Sheet) Dean Mark Zappi, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
Cyclic Bending Behavior of Hollow Structural Sections and Their Application in Seismic Moment System (Sign In Sheet) Dr. Matthew Fadden 1 April 24/25, 2014
Design Considerations for Wastewater Treatment Plants (Sign In Sheet) Sparkle Noble, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
The Good Engineer, Engineering Ethics, and Sustainibility (Sign In Sheet) Dr. Norma Jean Mattei, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
Forensics: Perils, Do's and Don'ts. (Sign In Sheet) "Sonny" Launey, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
Good Roads (Sign In Sheet) Kenneth A. Perret, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
Heavy Vessel Levee Crossings (Sign In Sheet) Bill Gwyn, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
Lessons Learned by ASCE Relating to Society Responses and Actions to Disasters Beginning with Hurricane Katrina (Sign In Sheet) Pat Natale, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
Marine Construction and Dredging (Sign In Sheet) Ancil Taylor 1 April 24/25, 2014
My Engineering and Construction Experiences with Bridges in Louisiana (Sign In Sheet) David Huval, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
Permanent Canal Closures and Pump Stations - PCCP (Sign In Sheet) Dave Sinsheimer, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
State of the Practice of Hurricane Surge Hazard Analysis (Sign In Sheet) Bob Jacobsen, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
The Port of New Orleans 1914 - 2014... 2114? (Sign In Sheet) Deborah Keller, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
Trimble Photogrammetry (Sign In Sheet) David Snyder, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
Uncertainty Analysis for Predictive Models Used in the 2012 Louisiana Coastal Master Plan (Sign In Sheet) Emad Habib, P.E. 1 April 24/25, 2014
What to Expect from the (New & Expanded) Small Scale Physical Model of the Mississippi River (Sign In Sheet) Dr. Clinton Wilson 1 April 24/25, 2014

PDH | 2013 - 2014
Topic Speaker Total Possible PDHs Date
Geoid Models - Calculating Orthometric Heights (Elevations) and Unique Application Problems in South Louisiana. (Sign In Sheet) Ricardo Johnson, PLS 1 Feb 5th, 2014
Bridge Joint Repair Using Polymer Concrete (Sign In Sheet) Andrew Juneau, Billy Fontenot, Chris Giglio 1 November 6th , 2013

PDH | 2008 - 2012
Topic Speaker Total Possible PDHs Date
I-10 Twin Spans Elevation Determination Case Study (Sign In Sheet) Jeffrey G. Shelden, P.E. 2 March 20, 2012
2012 Report Card for Louisiana Infrastructure (Sign In Sheet) Dr. Kam Movassaghi, Ph.D., P.E., F. ASCE 1 February 29, 2012
2008 ASCE LA Section Spring Conference (PDH Breakdown) Multiple 11 April 16-18, 2008
ASCE Acadiana Branch Luncheons (Newsletters) Multiple Varies See Newsletter
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