About ASCE
Founded in 1852, ASCE is the oldest national engineering society in the United States. Our mission is to "provide essential value to our members, their careers, our partners and the public by developing leadership, advancing technology, advocating lifelong learning, and promoting the profession." ASCE celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2002 with its members and the general public.

About ASCE Acadiana Branch
The Acadiana Branch was established in 1982 in order to serve ASCE Louisiana Section members in central and southwest Louisiana, also known as the "The Crossroads" and " Cajun Country," respectively.  These and the surrounding areas have been collectively recognized by the state legislature as the  Acadiana region.  Together with other members of the Louisiana Section, we advocate ASCE's mission by serving as a liaison between civil engineering university students and the professional community, through community involvement, and through sponsorship of continuing education seminars. 
Acadiana Branch activities typically begin in September with the installation of the new Board of Directors.  The Branch hosts monthly luncheons for the general membership which traditionally feature a guest speaker.  Although the featured topic or presentation is usually technical in nature, the Board often invites speakers who are of general interest to our members (i.e., State & Local Officials, School Board Representatives, University Officials, etc...).  The Acadiana Branch also sponsors or co-sponsors an annual Christmas Social, Continuing Education Seminar or Conference, and a Crawfish Boil.  Elections are held for the next Board of Directors at the May Branch meeting, which effectively concludes Branch activities until the installation of officers in September.  For more information, please review the Acadiana Branch ByLaws (Adobe Acrobat Document, .pdf) Our Board members will be happy to answer any questions you may have about ASCE or our local Branch.  If you are interested in becoming an ASCE member, please visit ASCE National's website.

Past Presidents of the Acadiana Branch

2015 Beau Tate, P.E.
2014 Tyler Roy, E.I.
2013 Eric McClanahan, P.E.
2012 Luke Hebert, P.E.
2011 Shaun R. Simon, P.E.
2010 Joshua Stutes, P.E.
2009 Clint McDowell, P.E.
2008 Joseph Kolwe, Jr., P.E.
2007 Mohammad Jamal Khattak, P.E.
2006 Dax A. Douet, P.E.
2005 Kimberly Landry, E.I.
2004 John E. Bosch, Jr., P.E.
2003 Larry A. Cramer, P.E.
2002 Glenn McCall, P.E.
2001 Jan C. Robichaux, E.I. (1)
2000 David S. Huval, Jr., P.E.
1999 Pamela G. Miller, E.I.(2)
1998 Philip E. Herrera, P.E.
1997 Raymond J. Reaux, P.E.
1996 Paul A. Richards, P.E.
1995 George S. Glaubrecht, P.E.
1994 Thomas A. Carroll, III, P.E.
1993 Todd A. Vincent, P.E.
1992 Joe Maniscalco, P.E.
1991 Patrick J. Landry, P.E.
1990 Mark B. Dubroc, P.E.
1989 Eugene C. Williams, P.E.
1988 Kam K. Movassaghi, P.E.
1987 Paul L. Miers, P.E.
1986 Barry J. Bleichner, P.E.
1985 Wendell W. Holman, P.E.
1984 Allen L. Martin, P.E.
1983 Walter C. Vodrazaka, P.E.

(1) Subsequent to her tenure as President, Jan C. Robichaux married and changed her name to Jan R. Wandstrat.
(2) Subsequent to her tenure as President, Pamela G. Miller attained P.E. status.
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